Massage Therapy Jobs

We at Sageworks® believe massage therapists deserve:

  • To be treated like the professionals they are.
  • To focus on their craft, and clients.
  • An opportunity to earn $100K+ a year.

Now Hiring – The Best Massage Therapists

Our goal is to partner with the best Licensed Massage Therapists and provide work opportunities not seen anywhere else in the field.

  • PT + FT work available.
  • Comp up to $100K+
  • Health insurance, cont. education, and other benefits

Your Journey Starts Here: 

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​Your Therapy Career

At Sageworks®, we treat licensed massage therapists with respect, as professionals, and provide exceptional compensation.

We seek to be the best organization with which to work. A place where therapists can focus on their craft and client care, while being rewarded for their professional labor.

For clients, we seek to be the best option for receiving professional, effective, personalized massage care. This means access to highly skilled licensed professionals, and exceptional massage experiences including perks like a complimentary hot towel and hot stone service.

Working with Sageworks®

At Sageworks®, we don’t tell you how to provide a massage. You have control and discretion over the means and manner of how you perform services, as well as say over when you offer services. Many massage therapists feel that this freedom and flexibility results in the best possible work experience.

What we Expect from Therapists

Our expectations for professionalism and reliability are high. Consider these four important indicators of success.

1. Manage your schedule diligently

You have input over when you work. That said, if a client has booked a session for a time that you’ve made available, it’s important to be on time for that appointment. Of course, there are exceptions, but the key is that you are dependable and reliable.

2. Be on time / ready for scheduled appointments

Being ready and on time may mean arriving several minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to set up music, prepare hot towels, prepare hot stones, apply clean sheets to a massage table, and ensure the space is clean and ready for the client.

3. Provide high quality professional services

Each massage at Sageworks® is called a “Sageworks® Elite Massage.” It’s called this to underscore our commitment to a quality experience for every client.

A massage can be 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length and includes:

  • the massage
  • a hot towel service
  • a hot stone service
  • an aromatherapy service

Note: We don’t specify whether a massage is any specific type, such as Swedish or Sport massage. Therapists choose the professional method that services are provided.

Easy Does it

Does working with Sageworks® seem simple? That’s by design. We treat massage therapists like the capable professionals they are.

Next steps: You’re well on your way! The next step is to complete a “New Provider Interest Form”!