Join the Illuminati

Sageworks®’ Elite Massage Membership

Behold, the illuminati has unveiled itself! 

A membership offering this unreal perk: The cost of one massage grants you two each month. 

This offer and page may vanish anytime.  

Two 1hr Sessions

A Month
$ 115
A Month

Two 1.5hr Sessions

A Month
$ 172

A Month

Two 2hr Sessions

A Month
$ 230
A Month

The Grand Design/Terms

  • You get 2 massages per month (for the price of one).

  • Dues are charged monthly on your enrollment date.

  • You may cancel anytime (but why would you?).

  •  Your Illuminati privileges are yours alone, to share them is forbidden. 👽

  • Unused massages do not accumulate.

  • The normal 50% no-show / last minute cancellation fee still applies. 

To use: Book your sessions online as normal. After your massage, your session fee will be magically waived.