Sorry, Duolingo Doesn’t Have Customer Support

Key Points

No Customer Support: Duolingo lacks direct support via email or phone. Seriously, there is no one to email with or talk to about a problem you’re having with the service or app. 

Limited Help Resources: The FAQ and “report a bug” feature offer limited value to the user experiencing a technical problem. 

Community Help: Users sometimes find solutions (or commiserate) through community discussions on platforms like Reddit.

Progress Issues: Some users are experiencing unexpected changes to their learning progress on Duolingo.

Self-Help Recommended: Users are advised to utilize FAQs, forums, and patient bug reporting.

Hello, language enthusiasts!

Are you one of the millions of users who turn to Duolingo for their daily dose of language learning? Duolingo, with its gamified lessons and adorable owl mascot, has made language learning an accessible and fun activity for people all around the world. However, like any other app, it has its own set of hiccups. In such instances, your first instinct might be to reach out to Duolingo’s customer support to find solutions to your problems, but there’s a small snag in that plan.

A Non-Existent Support System?

If you find yourself tirelessly scouring the web for Duolingo’s customer support email address or phone number, we are here to save you some time and effort. **Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Duolingo does not have a dedicated customer support contact** through email or phone.

Yes, you read that right. Contrary to what most users might expect from an app of its size and popularity, getting in touch with a human representative to resolve your issues is, unfortunately, not an option with Duolingo.

Limited Help Options

While there is a FAQ section available on Duolingo’s official website, it mainly covers general problems and questions that users commonly face. It can certainly be a helpful resource for basic queries, but for unique issues, the FAQ section might not provide the answers you are looking for.

Moreover, the platform offers a “report a bug” feature. Although it suggests an avenue for pointing out technical problems, users often find it more akin to a suggestion box rather than a functional tool to report a problem and receive a timely solution. 

Community Discussions and Reddit Threads

We noticed that some users have experienced changes in their progress on Duolingo — either being advanced many lessons forward undesirably or finding completed lessons marked as incomplete. While this can be distressing, especially for committed learners, it seems there is no direct solution available from Duolingo itself.

However, all is not lost. Many learners have taken to platforms like Reddit to discuss these issues, sharing their experiences and sometimes offering workarounds or solutions. While it might not be an official solution, sometimes fellow users can offer a fresh perspective or a solution that has worked for them.

What Can You Do?

While it is unfortunate that Duolingo lacks a more structured customer support system, it’s not completely devoid of avenues to seek help. If you are facing issues, we would recommend:

1. Checking Duolingo’s FAQ section: For general questions, this should be your first stop.

2. Community Forums: Duolingo’s community forum is a space where you can connect with other users and potentially find answers to your questions.

3. Reddit and Other Online Forums: Sometimes, the wider community can be a savior, offering unconventional but effective solutions.

4. Patiently Reporting Bugs: Even though it seems more like a suggestion box, it still is a way to communicate issues to the Duolingo team. Who knows, they might take note of your problem and fix it in future updates.


We understand that facing technical issues can be frustrating, especially when the customer support is not as robust as one would hope for. While we hope that Duolingo works on this aspect in the future, we believe in the power of community support and self-help resources to overcome these challenges.

We hope this information has been helpful and has saved you some time in seeking solutions to your Duolingo issues. Remember, you are not alone in this, and sometimes, the best help comes from fellow learners like you. Let’s keep the spirit of learning alive, despite the hurdles, and continue on our language learning journey with Duolingo!

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